Virotic love (poem)

I laid down my head,

Sneaking under the stars gate,

What a silly prank is this – irreversible time?

Such serious affirmation makes me laugh loud,

But am I laughing or crying?

So much confusion…

With an eye drop I’ll chain up the Earth to an obstinate satellite,

I’ll spin it until you, with longing fingers,

When it was us and God,

Just watch me…

Drip my lips with belladonna, but kiss me before;

How long should I rotate around us?

365 nights and with one love, too much?

I’m trunkless, yet you are my hollow,

Now and again filling my chest with water lilies,

Today I am leaking from the hellholes of the cross,

Dreaming to collide once again;

Four archangels alight,

Hyenas scream surrounding me,

Damn, these wolves within me,

Too beautifully insane to be subjugated,

Thus doomed;

-Not without you,

Not without this love, not other,

One to the other!

The wind scatters my secret windows,

Until my last:

Not even God allows himself to step on love,

But you?

A gate crasher told me wisely:

-You will forget him;

Considerate – contemplating his silver beard, I answered:

-Screw you!


natasa alina culea

Natasha Alina Culea – author

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