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No Story without a Storyteller. The eight Laws

There is no story without a storyteller. The first thing a storyteller learns is that nobody cares about the truth. Besides, if the truth doesn’t help you in any way, why caring about it? People want to be beautifully lied. This is the first law.

We are terrible at loving. This is the second law. Not to mention how terrible we are at breaking up.

All people say: I’m not like all the others. And they are all right. This is the third law.

We see only ourselves. That’s why we borrow Gods our flaws. It is easier to love an imperfect being. This is the forth law. We wouldn’t admit it, but we laugh of them inside us, believing that in this way we are better. We need to be better. This is the fifth law.

Do not dare to be happy, nobody will forgive you! This is the sixth law.

Nobody wants the best for himself, everybody wants to feel alive. When everything goes well, you cannot enjoy anything, you become numb. This is the seventh law.

The realistic people laugh at the idealistic ones, because of their way of seeing world as it can be. The world as it can be laugh of the realistic people. This is the eighth law.


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